A new opportunity for the world of creative project.

To ensure the designer the highest degree of creative freedom in expression, without invoking constrains or impediments of technical nature in the concept phase, it is the intention in Teknai®.
The company will support identification of technical solutions for the realization of every project that foreseen the use of resins.

Teknai® produces epoxy and acrylic systems for resin floors and coverings, laying them in the yard with professionally installer trained inside.
Teknai® takes great care of combined phases of production and laying; only the direct experience in pipeline can develop innovative products and ensure the excellence of installed product.

This element also leads to an advantage for architects and interior designers, who addressing Teknai® can count on a single point of contact for the various stages of work developed.

Teknai® Resins Technology operates on national and international market with its own certified installers.